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Retail coffee 

Cosmorex retail coffee is roasted onsite at our Fyshwick roastery. We’ve hand-crafted ten great coffee selections, covering both single origins and blends, to offer you a broad variety of drinking experiences.



Packing a punch for that much-needed coffee hit, Nitro offers dark chocolatey flavours and fragrant spicy aromas.

Nitro is low in acidity and provides a balance of intensity, sweetness and aroma.

Origins: Oceania, South America, South Asia.

Roast style: post blend of light- and dark-roasted coffees. 

Milk-based | stove top | plunger


Rio Gold

Even the name evokes warmth.

Rio Gold gives warm caramel, golden syrup and rich nut flavours, with a controlled touch of acidity that works well to bring out its sugars. Drink Rio Gold with milk or as a bold black coffee.

Origins: Africa, South America, South Asia.

Roast style: Medium dark.

Milk-based | Black coffee


Signature Blue

For something a little different, Signature Blue’s flavours are rich and bold, with deep, strong dark chocolate flavours and a long, resonant aftertaste.

Signature Blue is a full-bodied blend with low acidity.

Origins: Africa & South America.

Roast style: Medium dark

Milk-based | Stove top | Plunger | Black



What a sweety! Sorriso is a medium strength coffee offering a sweet mix of caramel, malt and nutty tones, along with aromatic sugarberry fragrances.

Origins: Asia-pacific, Central America, South Asia.

Roast style: Medium.

Milk-based | Stove top | Plunger



Who needs a strong coffee hit to start the day? Sumatra provides it. Cocoa and dark chocolate flavours are accented by pulpy fruits, followed by a distinctive pepper and spice finish.

Single origin: Indonesia.

Roast style: Medium.

Milk-based | Stove top | Plunger | Black


Premium Special

What a treat! Our Premium Special Blend will treat you with caramel, chocolate and cocoa butter flavours. Blends well with milk for an easy-drinking cappuccino, or is equally at home in a balanced traditional espresso format.

Origins: Africa, Oceania, South America.

Roast style: Medium.

Milk-based | Stove top | Plunger | Black


Colombian Supremo

Close your eyes and imagine you are in Colombia with this balanced sweet and zesty coffee.

Colombian Supremo delivers a delicate flavour profile with lightly fruity aromas, raisin flavours and a browned sugar finish.

Single Origin: Colombia.

Roast style: Medium.

Milk-based | Stove top | Plunger | Black


New Guinea

An exceptionally smooth brew with complex characteristics. Tropical fruits and spices, moving to a long chocolate finish.

Origin: New Guinea.

Roast style: Medium.

Milk-based | Stove top | Plunger | Black



A real crowd pleaser, Brazil offers sweet musky aromas with pleasant low acidity and distinctive nuttiness. Soft stone fruits, caramel, honey and marzipan flavours combine in this clean, well-balanced, smooth single origin.

Single Origin: Brazil.

Roast style: Medium.

Milk-based | Stove top | Plunger | Black



Lose all the caffeine, keep all the flavour with our award-winning decaf blend. With lively acidity and a full flavour, you’ll get notes of plum, port, raisin and caramelised sugars. Our decaf is produced using a water process for maximum flavour and purity.

Origin: Columbia.

Roast style: Medium.

Milk based | Stove top | Plunger | Black