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You could say that coffee runs through our veins. Cosmorex coffee blends are each designed to present a clearly-defined flavour profile to match preferences across the market. This helps our customers when it comes to selecting a coffee that suits their preferred style.

At Cosmorex, we celebrate a wide variety of coffee styles from full bodied, chocolatey traditional Italian blends, to more contemporary zesty, fruity, floral coffee. All our coffee is designed to be easy to work with for baristas and at-home coffee drinkers. Our coffees, whether single origins or blends, come with tasting cards that present flavor profiles, product information including bean origin(s) and recommended usage.

Our coffee ranges from premium café blends, to ever-popular single origin and special seasonal coffees, which highlight notable origins and processing methods.

Take a look at our retail coffee, all available for tasting and purchase at our Cosmorex store in Fyshwick and online. If you’re interested to know what you might drink at one of our many partner cafes, check out the wholesale range.