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While forever remaining at the vanguard of Australia's über coffee culture, Canberra's most-awarded coffee roaster is now lauded as one of the premier coffee roasters in the Asia-Pacific market. On any given day, coffee connoisseurs come into the sleek, new warehouse centre to sip a hypnotic caffè latte or caffè macchiatto, purchase the latest cutting-edge coffee machines and accessories, watch the live roasting and blending demonstrations or sign up to a barista course.

Then there are all the cafes and restaurants around Canberra that only stock Cosmorex coffee, each as serious about delivering the finest coffee experience as the Bean!Roasters are in creating it. Also complementing Bean!Roasters' philosophy are the exceptional range of tailored services and products the company provides to cafes, offices, small businesses and selected retail outlets across Australia - always with the personal support of the Sciannimanica family's coffee roasting mastery and the finest coffee beans from the four corners of the world.







Cosimo's ambition began to materialise in 1963, 13 years after he arrived in Australia with his young Italian bride, Bruna. Setting his sights on the nation's capital, the nerve centre of politics, with only dogged determination and an old, tiny coffee roaster tucked underneath his arm, Cosimo quickly established a flourishing branch for a Sydney-based coffee company, where he was also a business partner.

It was only a matter of time before Cosimo and Bruna's son, Attilio, and his wife, Anne, carried on the tradition of producing great coffee. Purchasing the Canberra Coffee Centre in 1985, the next generation of the Sciannimanica family soon had the once-slumbering population of Canberra waking up each morning to myriad blends of exotic coffee beans. Anne also began producing fresh Italian sauces, pastas and gelatos.

Two years later, Cosimo sold his business and joined his son and daughter-in-law at their now flourishing coffee centre, where they collectively perfected coffee-roasting into an art-form. Establishing Cosmorex Coffee, a wholesale and roasting division, they moved to larger premises in Fyshwick, where Canberra's coffee aficionados continued to fall under the spell of Attilio's aromatic blends.

A city renowned for spilling the beans, Cosmorex was no longer Canberra's best-kept secret. The Canberra Coffee Centre morphed into a multi-purpose coffee house, warehouse and coffee education centre in Fyshwick, which today, attracts visitors and clients from afar. Along the way, Cosmorex has been bestowed with the coffee industry's most prestigious medals at the Australian International Coffee Awards, the Royal Hobart Show and the 2010 and 2013 Golden Bean; 2013 being the year Cosmorex began a new chapter as the Bean!Roasters.

In their quest to deliver the freshest and finest quality beans, the Cosmorex team has continued to create perfect blends and single origin coffees, with each bean showcasing exotic flavours from around the globe; from the smooth and mellow textures of the South Americas, the earthy flavours of Indonesia or the bountiful bouquets of the African continent. And with their impressive, state-of-the-art Italian Brambati Roaster (The Beast), the expert roast masters are not only able to roast an enormous capacity of beans daily but also control every process, right down to individually cupping every batch of beans.